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Welcome! We are delighted you found the Leading Ladies in Business platform and cannot wait to support you in reaching the business success you have been dreaming of! 

This platform is home to one of the largest communities of female entrepreneurs in the UK and together, we connect, grow and flourish. 

As Leading Ladies, we support you in building the business of YOUR dreams, one that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning and that lights the fires inside of you. 

We believe business should be fun! The lifelong friendships and connections you will make through this platform will not only support you, but inspire you to be the very best version of yourself. The happiest business women are truly the most successful.

We are already working with thousands of women across the UK in various industries supporting business visibility, knowledge and profitability and we cannot wait to add you to our growing network. 

We offer a wide range of support including business educational online training. The trainings allow women to build a profitable business around their current commitments whether that be a job, a family, or their own business. 


Leading Ladies in Business supports your growth at each and every stage of your individual journey. The wealth of resources we offer both online and face to face ensures that all business owners flourish at the pace most suitable for them, in the area most relevant to them. 

We offer this support as we truly believe that through sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise with others we will guide others to their own individual successes. 

“When we willingly shine our own light of success, it brightens the path for other ladies, guiding them to their own successes. The more ladies we support, the brighter our own light will shine.” 

Join us today, we can’t wait to meet you

Clare and Cal 

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Free Networking Events across the UK 

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Delivering an expert guest speaker session for the LLIB members will not only create visibility for your business.



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Guest Speaker Form

Delivering an expert guest speaker session for the LLIB members will not only create visibility for your business.

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This is such an amazing platform for any woman in business, the advice and support are immeasurable!

Claire Hughes

I highly recommend any woman in business to be a part of this group, the support from Clare, Carolyn and the other group members is immense.
The free networking meetings are packed full of valuable business content to help you drive your business forward. Networking has literally changed my life and my business. I remember being so nervous going to my first networking event last year and I've never looked back since, best decision I've ever made to enter the world of networking!

Natasha McKenzie 


Carolyn Whitehead

My passion is to help other business women learn the skills needed to run a profitable and successful business whilst understanding that start-up training costs need to be kept to a minimum. Our high-quality content is affordable for all and will help you transform your business.



In October 2018 we held our very first Leading Ladies In Business 

FREE networking event. We reached 500 members before our fourth month in business. 

Leading Ladies In Business is growing rapidly, creating an incredible sense of empowerment across the UK 

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Clare Bowers 

I'm a great believer in quality over quantity & I know this platform is high in quality, purposely designed for its audience of women in business. As a business owner, you will always be learning and growing your skills to support your business growth.