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Sod the Shoulds!

An anti-overwhelm guide to managing your energy on Social Media.

Yes, you heard me right. Sod them!! As with everything in life and biz if you read and listen to ALL the things you SHOULD be doing in social media you’d never sleep, never do any actual business (which is fine if your business IS social media management, but if you make glass art or are a plumber, not so good.), never see your family. You get the picture.

My work as a Performance and Mindset Coach is to help women to avoid overwhelm and define success so it works for them, to manage their energy for productivity, best performance and profitability. Social Media can be an energy drain, so it is important to work out what YOU need to do for YOU to meet YOUR needs and YOUR business.

1. What are you doing and why?

First question I ask of any situation. What are you on social media for? Why is it important to you? What will the benefits be of doing it and not doing it? What will the disadvantages be of doing it and not doing it? What does doing it actually mean to you?

Get crystal clear on this because it will impact on how you engage on social media and what content you put out, who you want to engage with and where you are wasting time and energy etc.

2. Who do you want to attract or collaborate with?

This is so important. Social media can be a powerful tool in your business if used well but it can be a huge drain too in energy, time and money. Get clear on who you want to attract to you as this will impact on everything you write, produce, develop. It will affect the language you use, the pictures and videos you produce, the groups you join etc. If you don’t know who you are aiming your message at you will waste valuable energy, time and money.

3. Where are these people you want to do business with?

You don’t have to be on EVERY platform. That’s right. You don’t. Give yourself permission to #SODTHESHOULDS If your ideal customer isn’t on Twitter, don’t do it. Don’t waste your energy, time and money. Plus if you are on a limited budget or have limited finance, surely it is better to manage one platform well, rather than spreading yourself thin and diluting yourself across three or four. You’ll hear you should be on Facebook, you should be on Instagram, you should be on Pinterest. You decide. But for the love of god, please don’t do it like painting by numbers as it is just adding to the noise and won’t benefit your business.

4. What makes you think YOU have to do it all?

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed with this side of the business and the idea of writing posts, creating memes, doing live videos leaves you cold, who can you find who would love to do it for you? There are lots of ways for your social media marketing to be done without you doing it. Or if that’s a step too far can you find automations that make your life easier? However, be careful that in automating you don’t take the social out of social media. What will work for you? Find out.

5. What is your strategy?

What time/energy do you have to invest? How will you measure the return on that time or financial investment? Have a purpose driven content plan that supports your ideal client (What is in it for them?) and manage your energy around the production of that content. Block schedule and record in your best energy. Or as above delegate.

6. How will you enjoy Social Media?

Let’s not forget the social in social media. It is just like any other networking about building relationships and enjoying genuine communication. If you follow the ‘I should post in groups 4 times a day’ formula or the ‘I should offer everything I have for free and eventually they will buy’ formula these strategies might not work for you or your business model and they will leave you energetically drained and fed up with the whole social media shenanigans.

Ask yourself this, How will I develop a Social Media strategy that enhances my business and creates great energy in me? Join groups like Leading Ladies and build relationships.

The exciting part is that the opportunities are endless, if you #sodtheshoulds and find your way to make this a success.

Michala Leyland, Wood for the Trees Coaching, is an accredited, award winning Coach, a motivational speaker, author of Bounce Back from Burnout, and Mean Little Cow founder of the Mental Wealth Club and 90 days to thrive - Energy Management Movement Find out more here: :

@wfttcoaching – Twitter and Instagram

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