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Apps to Enhance your business!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

While your social media strategy depends on your ability to build and drive engagement with a community, finding the right social media marketing apps to maximise your digital marketing efforts is essential.

With social media marketing roles constantly evolving and social media marketing apps optimising to keep up, marketers need to find new ways to connect with followers faster, analyse user interactions, create better content, and more.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best social media marketing apps you need to help your business


Canva’s latest app gives you access to prebuilt templates and editing features for professional, creative designs. Add text with over 700 font options and special effects.

For social media, Canva features an Instagram story editor, story highlights maker, Facebook posts and covers, Twitter banners, YouTube thumbnails, cards, invitations, photo collages, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Canva is especially versatile in that it can handle a variety of other design needs outside of social media. Whether you need wedding invitations, book covers, memes, brochures, or anything in between, Canva can handle it all.


Ripl is another app that makes it so easy to create multimedia that there’s no excuse not to.

Its specialty is shareable, professional social media videos and animated graphics.

With their focus on social media performance, there are tons of templates to help you get started. You can share animations straight from the app, and you can even track engagement on them within Ripl.

Live Videos have proven to be an effective form of marketing that fosters engagement. gives viewers an optimised experience with split-screen interview formats and various branded frame features.

Its mobile app allows its users to broadcast to Facebook and Instagram anywhere.


Hootsuite is a content management marketing tool that helps you manage multiple social media accounts, grow your audience, and monitor conversations.

With its collaborative dashboard, a marketing team can schedule a social media post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while tracking industry trends and tweaking strategies on the go.

Currently, Hootsuite is free for up to two social network profiles. Additional features and accounts can be unlocked in the paid version.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite offers a platform that allows users to manage multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place.

Users can quickly see target audience insights, receive messages and comments, and respond to clients/customers promptly, all in one place.

You can also connect with more customers by responding to all your messages and comments in one place. You can even automate responses to save time

Google Analytics

Your social media marketing strategy isn’t complete without proper social media monitoring and occasional website check-ins.

Use Google Analytics’ mobile app to check in on your website.

Google Analytics allows its users to monitor the impact of different marketing campaigns and their conversion. With the app, users can do these check-ins on the go.

Make sure it’s performing properly, see how people behave once they’re there, and monitor the impact various social media initiatives have on your owned properties and their various conversion goals.

Everyone has a different way of managing projects. Some people like to use their inbox to keep track of tasks. Others prefer to visualise work in a calendar view, while some even prefer the old pen and paper system.

That's fine on an individual level, but when you collaborate on projects as a team, you need a flexible and capable project management tool that works for everyone. And with so many teams still working remotely, there's an even more pressing need for a task management app that can help track projects, collaborate, and keep everyone in the loop.


Trello is simple project management software that gives you a way to organize your projects with Kanban boards. And with a generous free plan that allows for 10 boards and unlimited users, it's a tool that anyone can use.

Trello allows you to be on top of your tasks anytime with an offline feature. Users can track their management tasks and projects, assign tasks, and keep the team updated.


Slack is the smart way to stay in touch with your team. Users can collaborate and communicate about specific tasks and projects with its social channel options.

Channels are organised spaces for everyone and everything that you need for work. In channels, it’s easier to connect across departments, offices, time zones and even other companies.

The mobile app offers a range of features, from smart notifications to advanced searches to bot help.

If you struggle with finding interesting things to say to complete strangers at networking events, you’re not alone. Thankfully, technology can make it easier. You just need to know the best networking apps for making professional connections without making a fool of yourself.


When you join Lunchclub, you tell the app a bit about yourself and pick two time slots that week when you’re available to meet someone virtually. Then, its AI will match you with someone for a one-on-one video chat at one of your pre-selected times.

What’s cool about this app is that it learns who is the best fit for you by showing you potential profiles and asking you which ones are relevant to you. Then, each week, you tell Lunchclub if you’d like to make a new connection. It’ll email you when you’ve got matches.

Facebook Groups

Though it’s not marketed as a networking tool, Facebook Groups has been one of the best ways for me to meet new work friends and mentors, get business feedback, and even land new gigs.

Almost everyone has Facebook, and using its search feature, you can easily find a group based on virtually any interest.

Additionally, if you plan on taking online courses to further your education (outside of traditional colleges and universities), often, a classmates-only Facebook group is included with the course fee. This can be a great way to stay motivated throughout the course and get valuable feedback on your business idea.

With the number of mobile tools at our fingertips and remote work becoming the established norm, it’s never been easier to plan, create, schedule, publish, and analyse social media strategies on the fly.

Let us know your thoughts if you download any of the above.

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Unknown member
Feb 05, 2023

I couldn't live without Canva! 😉

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