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A Sprinkling of Magic

Once upon a time, there lived a very excited to-be-wed soul who woke up thinking about their wedding and started planning their perfect day. As soon as their head hit the pillow, the magic of future memories came to the soul. They would dream of dresses and dancing, family and friends, fun and laughter, love and togetherness – the best day of their lives.

Until one day, this beautiful soul woke up and switched on the box within their walls, one that brought in news from the outside world, a world that was currently troubled and going through a tough time. The box spoke of a curse … one more deadly than any before. The soul felt fearful and a sense of doom descended.

Before the box spoke its final words, the soul knew that their dream day could be taken away from them. An overwhelming sensation filled the soul’s heart, and a shortness of breath replaced its rhythm, like a dizziness of disappointment. Thoughts raced through the soul’s mind as they tried to catch a memory, something stored deep within them that signified hope.

Eventually, the soul located this memory deep within – a mantra, a saying, a collection of words, a lesson from The Liverpool Wedding Blog.

Catch it, Check it and Change it.

They could see the bright blue sky starting to overcome the clouds, feel the heat of the hopeful sun, hear the buzzing of nature nurturing the world. Settling down into the soft earth, the soul kept themselves in the moment and moved into a state of mindfulness.

During this quiet mindfulness time, the soul caught the thoughts that raced through their mind. The words started to pour out as they picked up their wedding journal, along with the release of tears. The soul thought about everything they would lose because of the words spoken from the box. So much time, energy, money, the list went on. The soul could see that they had to catch each thought, check why it was happening and work through the feelings attached it.

Through doing this, the soul felt clarity and could see that time, energy and money wasn’t wasted. They would still be getting married, and it was only the date that needed to change.

Changing the date to the wedding hurt, but the soul knew it wouldn’t feel like this for long. They could set a new date, or rethink some of the plans while still using the time, energy and money from the original dream. They kept writing until they knew how to change each thought from a negative into a positive. It wasn’t easy, but it was made possible by their new outlook, a sense of calm and hope, along with sprinkles of support from all of their family and friends who loved the soul deeply. Each dusting of love removed a doubt – things were going to be ok. They could even be better with more time, energy and space. A cuddle of content held onto the soul.

The soul wiped the tears from their eyes. Life was precious, and there was now a barrier against the box and its words, a barrier built with love and support.

Since that day, the soul has grown with strength. The wedding was postponed, but within that time, the love between the soon-to-be-wed souls flourished, and the countdown continued for the most incredible day of the soul’s life. Their marriage would stand the test of time because any couples who work together, support one another and continue through even the toughest challenges in life are truly soul mates.

Always here.


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