Empowering women in business across the Uk through connection.


Leading Ladies In Business membership is currently UK based. The membership provides opportunities for women in business to grow their business visibility through connections.

The LLIB membership platform is best known for its quick and straight to the point strategies that leave members feeling empowered and equipped with the essential tools and information from leading industry professionals. Delivered through online monthly workshops the members have more of an understanding of how to move to the next level of success within their business, however unique this looks like for each member LLIB will always assist in that next level process. 

LLIB encourages all members to share their thoughts and connections within the membership and at successful LLIB networking events, this allows them to enhance their professional careers whether the member is new to business or thriving in their industry. 

LLIB members networking events will play a crucial role in your professional success. The events welcome career-minded people to meet, connect, and learn. Building successful businesses together. 


LLIB Membership Includes 


A business referral is when someone in your LLIB network recommends your business to a new prospect. This may happen spontaneously during organic conversation at a networking event or as a result of conscious referral marketing efforts within your LLIB membership.


LLIB provides members the opportunity to network within their own community and wider afield at one of the other LLIB networking locations. 

LLIB members receive priority event release information through their online membership pages.


A sense of belonging in business is crucial to our life satisfaction, happiness, mental and physical health and even longevity. It gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. Loss of belonging has been associated with stress, illness and decreased wellbeing and depression.


Members are invited to one interactive online session each month. Delivered by a lead professional with a niche industry the workshop often combines elements of  research, brainstorming and problem solving leaving members feeling empowered with knowledge.

Membership doors open to 50 new members on the 1st September 2022 

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