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Connecting guest speakers to the Leading Ladies In Business audience.


Leading Ladies In Business membership is currently UK based. The membership provides opportunities for women in business to grow their business visibility through connections.

The LLIB platform is designed to support women in business around the world.

The events we hold happen across different locations every month. During these events we welcome a guest speaker along to offer value to the attendees. Guest speaker support varies from wellbeing support  to business support. We have so many incredible guests

we value.

You've landed on this page because you would like to express an interest in delivering a mini workshop on the LLIB platform, we want to thank you for your interest, it really does means a lot to us that you feel the value the platform has to offer its guests. 

Workshops can be delivered both in person at one of our networking events and online via a zoom link. 

The form below will guide you through the next steps but if you do have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email

Once the form has been submitted we will contact you to talk more about the workshop. 

Guest Educational Workshop Form - LLIB 
Upload File

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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